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FINPAY is your specialist for online payment solutions with 100% pay guarantee.

User-friendly, flexibility and good cash-flow ensure steady growth of your company and make you strong for the future. Take advantage of our secure payment solutions and as a trader can look forward to increased sales, reduced costs and satisfied customers.


It's as simple as this:

Factors of success!

100% Pay guarantee

Richer shopping carts

Flexible debt management

Flexible commision and flexibility

Provision for sucessful transaction

Get the offer

The facts speak for themselves

61% of users consider paying after delivery as the safest payment method

75% less order cancellations after introducing direct debit

17% considers direct debit an easy payment

 50% less order cancellations after introducing payment by direct debit

Up to 117% more orders with payment after delivery FINPAY

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The easy and safe way

With innovative approaches and solutions of the payment system, we have become a leading provider of innovative payment solutions in Slovenia. Company Finspire d.o.o. with a clear vision creates the present and knows how to listen to customers. All we can do this because of a top team and knowledge.


Satisfied providers, satisfied customers. FINPAY payment after delivery has been used for many online stores and other retailers.


It's time for change, and change is welcomed, but the sales need to be properly directed.



What do you say satisfied customers can be found in the References section for you.


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